EPCOT Festival of the Arts: 5 Things I’m Excited About

Hi friends!

Chances are looking pretty great that I’m going to be able to attend the newest festival addition at EPCOT select weekends this January and February! The brand NEW Festival of the Arts is bringing theatre, art, food, and more to the park. I am a huge proponent of the arts and always have participated in theatre, dance, and art classes growing up. Now that there is an entire festival dedicated to it, I can hardly contain my excitement! Here are 5 things I’ve seen the festival offers that I’m excited about!


1.) Figment

He has always been one of my favorites, and I’m excited to see that he is pretty much the mascot of the festival this year. I’m anticipating seeing the topiary and getting a picture in front of it! Journey into Imagination is so much fun with the little purple dragon, but the addition of the scavenger hunt sounds like even more fun! I won’t spoil the prize for finishing, but I hope I’m able to get one!

2.) Live musical performances

A secret musical theatre nerd at heart, I am very happy about the live performances being offered at the Festival of the Arts. Ashley Brown, who originated the role of Mary Poppins on Broadway recently sang, and there are so many more talented artists that are gearing up to take the stage. I’ll be singing and dancing along in my seat!

3.) Dessert

Due to allergies I won’t be able to enjoy all of the tasty dessert offerings, but I’m still hoping to enjoy the giant chocolate cookie shaped like a paint palette and purchase one of the easels with either Mickey and Pluto or Figment “painted” on them! Playing with your food doesn’t have to stop when you’re older, and I love how Disney is encouraging creativity with their food options at this festival.

4.) Learning

What makes EPCOT one of my favorite parks is the fact that new knowledge truly is around every corner. There will be offerings of different art classes each weekend and I hope to participate in one! It’s not too often I get to explore my creativity in a new way, and I’d love to learn from the masters.

5.) Taking in the sights, sounds, and smells

Finally, I’m excited to just soak the festival in. Smells of the drinking chocolate (another must-do) will be wafting in the air, excited children and adults will be completing their scavenger hunts, and people will be embracing their artistic sides. With festivals, I just love to take in all of the ambiance. Since this festival is new I want to try everything, but at the same time I also want to remember to relax and take it all in!


Have you been to the inaugural weekend of the Festival of the Arts? If so what did you love? If you haven’t been yet, what seems to spark your imagination? Leave a comment below or tweet me @pixiedustedprin!

*The Pixie Dusted Princess*


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