Blogmas Day 6! Tiana Tuesday

Tiana Tuesday just has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?!

Today wasn’t my favorite day (except for one exciting thing that did happen). And that’s okay! We all have those days we would do best if we didn’t repeat. I’m looking forward to a great big beautiful tomorrow.

For the next time you have one of those days, here is some advice I learned from Tiana….


We start as dreamers, wishing upon stars, believing anything is possible.


We soon realize some people will try to knock you down, especially when it comes to you finding success and happiness.


Sometimes, we have a long, exhausting day. It’s okay to hit snooze every once in a while.


The important thing to remember is it’s always possible to start off fresh the next day.


Most importantly, we can’t lose our childhood dreams. Wishing upon a star will never get old. Do as dreamers do.


We can never forget the little princess deep down inside of us that’s telling us to keep wishing until that dream comes true.

I hope you’ll wish upon a star tonight,

The Pixie Dusted Princess


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