Blogmas Day 2! Friday Festivities

Today I woke up and found out that Aaron Carter DMed me on Twitter. So that was weird and exciting all at the same time.


That’s how I felt when I saw the DM. I can still vividly remember watching that episode when it first aired. I was totally jamming out to I want Candy and wishing I was Lizzie. Old Disney Channel was the best Disney Channel, and I even realized that as I watched it religiously every day when I was younger!

That’s not the only thing making me smile today. This weekend is filled with fun! Tonight is a holiday dance, then this weekend I’m going to a few holiday shows! I’m so excited! It’s going to be fun to celebrate the Christmas season with family and friends, especially when I’m in the midst of finals.


Tell me in the comments what you’re doing this weekend to celebrate the season! Watching Christmas movies in your PJs? Going out to a big party? I want to know!

Have safe and fun weekends,

The Pixie Dusted Princess


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