Blogmas Day 1! My Disney Store Wishlist

Happy Blogmas everyone! It’s the first day of December, which means it’s time for me to write a post EVERY SINGLE DAY up until Christmas! That’s right! Now through December 25th, I will be posting something every. single. day. I am SO busy this month with finals taking up the next two weeks, but this will be something I can look forward to each day. I hope you’ll follow along. 🙂

I love Vlogmas videos and who knows, if I do expand to YouTube one day, I’d love to do that. For now, I’m putting my own pixie dusted spin on Vlogmas, and doing Blogmas. 😀

For the first day of Blogmas, I’m sharing with you 5 Christmas wish list items I want from none other than the Disney store! However, instead of asking for these for Christmas, these would be items I’d love to have leading up to the holiday, because they’re all Christmas related. By the way, this isn’t sponsored, I just really love the Disney Store, as I’m sure many of you do. 😉

1.) Holiday T-shirt


I love Disney apparel, and this holiday specific shirt of Minnie and Mickey smooching under the mistletoe makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I’d love to wear this shirt around the parks with some white shorts on warmer winter days.

2.) Belle Ornament


My favorite bookworm in ornament form. There is nothing more perfect for my Christmas tree this year!

3.) Christmas Carol Plush


I absolutely LOVE limited edition holiday plush, and this set is so cute, I could cry just by looking at it.

4.) Dessert Plate


My family loves cute holiday specific dessert plates, and this one would be amazing for this season. I can totally picture putting out Santa’s milk and cookies on this.

5.) Princess Tree


Okay, Disney, did you make this tree just for me?! That’s how I felt when I saw it-it is so pixie dusted, pink, and just perfect. I am obsessed with this.

Check back tomorrow for Blogmas Day 2!

The Pixie Dusted Princess


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