Happy 2 “Ears” to Me!

I’m celebrating a milestone on the blog today! 2 whole “Ears” of blogging on The Pixie Dusted Princess. °o°


This holiday season, I’m already feeling so thankful and blessed, and this blogiversary makes me feel all those things even more!

Today, I’ll share two of my favorite past posts for the 2 years I’ve been blogging.

First, THIS post about the beginning of a Disney vacation AKA the best time ever, is one of my favorites! It will get you in the mindset of a WDW vacation in a few minutes. If you’re preparing for your Disney vacation soon, read this and get in the zone! You know the one…counting down the days, getting on the plane, arriving off of the Magical Express. Aren’t you just giddy thinking about it? I know I am!

And another favorite is THIS post about that time I was casually (just kidding, not at all-I was so incredibly excited) selected with my family to be the Grand Marshals of the Share A Dream Come True Parade. My childhood was pretty amazing, thanks to Disney and this memory always stands out as an extra magical one.

Looking to the future, I cannot wait for what I have in store for this blog. It is a special corner of the internet where I can consistently talk Disney and positivity with so many amazing people. How amazing is that?!

In the New Year, I will *finally* have more time and many more resources to start turning this blog into what I’ve had for a vision for a long, long time. It will include so many more up to date pictures from the parks, food reviews, and other exciting series!

One chapter is closing soon, and the most magical chapter yet is beginning shortly!

I hope you’ll all stay tuned to turn these pixie dusted pages with me.

Forever grateful,

The Pixie Dusted Princess


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