Feeling Thankful Already

Hello pixie dusted people!

I have been so consumed with school and work that I have let my blog fall to the wayside! Never fear, I’m still here-that rhymes. 😉 I am always on Twitter and Instagram and I think about my followers often 🙂 For now, I finally have a free moment to update you all on life.

Exciting things are happening and I am counting down the days until the new year. I’m excited for my biggest opportunity and dream come true yet. I’ll be able to fully update you around the turn of the upcoming New Year. The holidays are most important right now, because I’m trying to spend as much time with my family and friends as possible, before this huge transition in my life! 🙂

Who’s starting to get EXCITED about Thanksgiving? I know I am! I’ve even been preparing myself by eating a Holiday Turkey Sandwich from EOS. My favorite! Yum.

About a week out from Thanksgiving, I’m already feeling so thankful and blessed. This year started out with lots of hard work and that was a theme for the entire year. But with hard work and determination came results, so in just a few months I can finally live out some of my biggest and boldest dreams.

“You gotta make it happen, it all depends on you. So I work real hard each and every day, now things for sure are going my way”-wise and true words from Princess Tiana-I love her story and her words have stuck by me this entire year.

I promise you, if you have something you REALLY want, you’ll find a way to make it happen. I’m proof. 🙂

I was able to travel a lot this year, which I’m so grateful for. These experiences have allowed me discover more about myself through my interactions with others who have different backgrounds and ways of life. I think I’ve realized that I will always have a huge amount of empathy in my heart for people and their circumstances, and that overall, kindness really never goes out of style. Also, I’ve learned that you can make friends and such beautiful connection with a smile. Such simple lessons, with such great impacts.

Although I won’t be at Disney for the holidays, I’ll be there soon enough, so I’m totally okay with that. For now I’ll be reminiscing on time spent at WDW during them, because it is so gorgeous all dolled up for Christmas. I’ll be posting so many pictures from past years, because some throwbacks and way-way backs are my favorite. They give me warm and fuzzy memories, that make this time of the year so special.


That’s all for now from me. Let me know in the comments what holiday you’re most looking forward to! Or just list your favorite type of pie-why? Because pie is amazing and soon, we’ll be eating a lot of it. 😉

*The Pixie Dusted Princess*




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