Monday Memory-An October Night at Disney’s Hollywood Studios


I begin any good Hollywood Studios night with a Mickey pretzel. Soft, salty, and mouse-shaped, it’s my favorite treat. Don’t forget the cheese sauce!


I absolutely LOVE Fantasmic, so a late-night visit wouldn’t be complete without a showing! I feel like the villains portion is perfect for October and Halloween.


After seeing Mickey slay the day, it’s time for a ride into another dimension…the twilight zone. The Hollywood Tower Hotel has a certain glow in the nighttime that makes it so alluring and glamorous!


It’s time to start winding down our night at DHS, and we pass by a quiet Sunset Ranch Market. Tomorrow, it will be filled with families enjoying meals, but for now, it’s as dark as the rest of the park.


On Sunset, the glowing lights are filled with some familiar friends.


Stopping into some stores to look at some sweets and some merchandise when I see THIS. Sometimes, I think DHS gets a little too realistic with the Halloween decor…I want my mummy! 😉


Can’t we just shop a little more?! It’s so tempting, but it’s almost time for park close.


Finally this sign reminds me, it WAS just that, a very magical day!


Good night,

The Pixie Dusted Princess


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