Disney Parks Tag!

Hi Pixie Dusted People,

Today I decided to do a tag I’ve been seeing a lot while watching Disney vlogs. Who else watches Disney vlogs? I’m seriously obsessed with them, and have considered making my own channel in the past…maybe sometime in the future, if I had enough interest!

Anyways, the tag is the Disney Parks tag which is about a bunch of favorites. I’m doing this just because it sounds like fun and I’m tagging anyone else who wants to talk about their faves!

Let’s jump right in! This is a long one! If you make it to the end, I’m impressed!

First time you went to Disney

I actually first went to Disneyland around 20 months, and then I first visited Walt Disney World at age 4. I’ve been going back to the parks every year since, and sometimes, twice a year! I’m very fortunate to have been so often in my life so far!

Your Favorite Parks

Magic Kingdom and Epcot, hands down. I went through major MGM and DAK phases as a child, but no matter what MK will be my favorite, because of the classic feel. EPCOT pretty much ties because I love World Showcase with all of my heart.

Favorite MK Land

I can’t pick just one (you’ll notice that’s a theme), so I’m going with Frontierland/Adventureland. Frontierland is home to Big Thunder Mountain, which is home to one of my all time favorite rides. Plus, the theming is so strong there between the dining options, and entertainment. I’ll always remember the parade taking off from behind the gates near Splash Mountain, and the thrill of floating over to Tom Sawyer’s Island. I’ve always loved the history behind America’s migration out west, and this part of the park really encompasses the spirit of that time in our country. Adventureland ties with Frontierland though, because Pirates is another favorite attraction and when I was little I was obsessed with the ground in this land. Yes, the ground. All of the jewels, hidden Mickeys, and other hidden pixie dust the Imagineers put into the ground always mystified me when I was a little girl. It still does! I love the feeling of adventure here and the music is definitely a part of that-listening to the music loop at home is amazing. Highly recommended. Oh, and Dole Whips. Enough said!

Favorite Resorts

Deluxe: Grand Floridian/Animal Kingdom Lodge

I’ve never stayed at the GFlo before, but it is at the top of my list! Every single trip, my family and I spend time there, listening to the band/pianist in the lobby. I love shopping at Summer Lace and other merchandise locations. We also love the dining options here. I practically feel like I’ve stayed there before, with how much I know about it! However, my favorite Deluxe I’ve stayed at has to be AKL. The theming is seriously the best out of any Disney resort. I will never forget waking up to giraffes outside of our room. The bridge in the lobby is magnificent. I’ve met some amazing cast members here, too, who have inspired me to want to work for Disney in the future. I feel at home when I step through the doors to this resort. Jambo!

Moderate: French Quarter/Coronado Springs

French Quarter has amazing theming as well. I feel like I’m in New Orleans each time I stay here. With “streets” such as Cake Walk, how could you not love this resort?! The boat ride to Disney Springs is yet another wonderful perk of staying here. The food court is another favorite-those beignets (French donuts) are delicious. Coronado Springs, on the other hand, is my favorite resort if I’m looking to have a very relaxing vacation. I feel like I’ve been transported to a mysterious Spanish town when I vacation here. How amazing to feel like you’ve really gotten away from the real world?

Favorite Disney Snack

Mickey pretzel with Cheese dip at Fantastic! Just do it! So good! Every other time, I opt for Dole Whip or some type of Mickey shaped ice cream-I’m not picky at Disney. For a snack-like drink, I always have to get a Lefou’s Brew at Gaston’s Tavern. The toasted marshmallow and apple flavors strangely compliment each other really well.

Favorite Restaurant 

I’m just going to list a few…I love Disney Dining way too much to pick just one.

Tony’s Town Square

50s Prime Time Cafe

Nine Dragons

Tutto Italia

1900 Park Fare

If you want ANY reviews on these, please comment below and I would be happy to do so! I love Italian, Chinese, and home-cooking type of meals, if you can’t tell by the list.

Oh!!! I also adore the food at Hoop De Doo: ribs, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, & strawberry shortcake?!?! That’s my FAVORITE type of meal. #southerngirlatheart

Favorite Ride

Tower of Terror. If you want to know why, check out THIS post.

Favorite Show

Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage! I love the show, because I was in the musical BATB 3 times in middle/high school! I also have a really personal connection to the show, which I may write about eventually. It’s just amazing-the costumes, singing, dancing. Brings me right back to my musical theatre days.

My fave show USED to be Tarzan Rocks (still not over it!) Definitely will be doing a Monday Memory about that show. It was the BEST THING EVER TO EXIST!

Favorite Parade

Main Street Electrical Parade! I feel like that’s not a popular answer, because everyone is obsessed with Festival of Fantasy. I know it’s crazy but I’m still not 100% into this parade. I was a huge fan of Celebrate a Dream Come True, quite honestly. Oh, and RIP Spectromagic, I’ll never be over you. Or Tapestry of Dreams/Nations. I need EPCOT to get a parade again really soon.

Favorite Fireworks

Illuminations. Oh Meyla Weyla brings all the feels, always. World peace, happiness, and fireworks? These are a few of my favorite things. I love Wishes too, I just love Illuminations a little bit more. I always tear up and feel rejuvenated after a showing.

Favorite Pavilion


Respective reasons: All the caramel, all the cute merch (HELLO KITTY IS MY THING), all the delicious pastries, all the fun and delicious quick service food.

What thing do you want to experience but never have?

MNSSHP. I’ve been when the decorations are up, but have never been to a party.

What color is your magic band?

Always pink, but next time, I want red! So it will match my Minnie Ears. 🙂

Favorite character to meet

It used to be Lotso (he smelled like strawberries, and picked me up LOL), but now it’s Gaston (he also picked me up…but with his bicep). Apparently, I have a thing for villains.

Character I wish to meet

Megara. She can tie her own sandals and everything.

Favorite Disney memory

Being the Grand Marshals in the Parade

Cookie Decorating in AKL Lobby

My grandparents/cousin surprising me for my birthday

Meeting Corbin Bleu in DAK

Dancing to Celebrate You/other special theme songs/watching Stacey

Birthday Fun in Norway

Being sung Happy Birthday in Italian at Tutto Italia

Attending the Disney Channel Games

Chatting with Cast Members from all around the world


If you read ALL of this, I TAG YOU!

Love and pixie dust,

The Pixie Dusted Princess






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