Monday Memory-The Boardwalk Busters

It seriously feels like a lifetime ago that the Boardwalk Busters graced us with their hilarious and daring show nightly on the Boardwalk at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort.

When I was a little girl, I remember watching this amazing group of performers do magic, juggle, and perform other hilarious and amazing stunts. I especially remember they had a tiny plush fox -it seemed real to me at the time-they would carry around and get to “eat” out of your hand, if you were lucky. It was really cute and funny!

After a round or two of classic carnival games, we would eagerly stake out a spot in order to get the best view of their very popular show. One night, I got to meet them and get a picture (with the tiny fox, too)! They even had him eat out of my palm. 🙂

They were the nicest group of entertainers, and I am so happy I got to watch them so many times during my childhood vacations. One year, they just weren’t performing anymore and my family was so upset! They were the nicest guys and truly took the time with us each time we congratulated them on another fantastic performance. Luckily, Carlo, a magician bicycled onto the scene with a few toots of his horn, and we fell in love with his act just as we had the Boardwalk Busters. Of course, nothing could replace the “BB,” but the new entertainment that graces the Boardwalk every night is pretty fantastic, too!

One of the things I love most about WDW is the fact that grown ups, children, and families can all have old-fashioned fun together in the very same spot. A couple of 20-something year olds may be having a great night out at Jelly Rolls, while a few Dads could be spending time at the ESPN Club. Kids can get hair wraps, play games, and watch magic shows. It’s wholesome fun that just isn’t that prevalent these days. I’m pretty old-fashioned for my young age, but I love it, because I believe memories should be made through the eyes, not through the screen. The Boardwalk can provide that entertainment that will prove to be some of the best memories a child can have-it did so for me. 🙂


Do you remember the Boardwalk Busters? What’s your favorite entertainment on the Boardwalk or at any other Disney Resort location?

Have a wonderful week!

The Pixie Dusted Princess



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