5 Tips for Meeting Characters as an Adult

Meeting characters as adults can be just as magical as it was when you were a child. I’ve enjoyed meeting characters since I was little-there is just something magical about seeing your favorites come to life before your eyes! I never see myself tiring of the touching conversations I’ve had with princesses like Aurora and Belle, to the countless laugh out loud moments with Gaston. Here are 5 tips to having the best interactions possible!

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 4.04.18 PM.png

1.) Just Say Hi!

Some adults feel uncomfortable approaching characters, whether they be face or fur. They may feel like characters are just for children or they aren’t sure if the character will want to interact with them. Both of those are common misconceptions! All you have to do to start your interaction is to say hi and ask how they’re doing, just like you would a friend. The best part about the characters at Disney Parks is that they really are great at what they do. Often, I find I don’t even need to do a lot of talking. Trust me, they just LOVE talking or communicating to you about their stories.

2.) Come up With An Interesting Question!

For fur characters, you may want to make the question simpler than those for the face characters. Pooh may not be able to tell you what’s happening in the Hundred Acre Woods today. However, with a face character such as Snow White, she can definitely tell you what the dwarves have been up to lately. Often, if you ask a character like Cinderella how her Stepsisters are doing, she may suggest you go visit them to see for yourself. This can create a really interactive setting and immerse you in the magic that much more!

3.) Autographs Aren’t Just for Autograph Books!

I never get autographs anymore, but it was one of my favorite parts of any Disney vacation when I was younger. A fun tip I definitely want to follow through on in the future is to get something special signed. Perhaps you have a polaroid picture with Mickey and Minnie . . . you should get them to sign it in a red marker! Or maybe you are Princess obsessed . . . maybe you’d want a white frame with their signatures. You can customize anything with character signatures. They’re super adorable, so why not go for it.

4.) Dress From their Movie!

If you want a character to notice you, all you have to do is dress in a piece of clothing that relates to their respective Disney film! For example, by total coincidence I was wearing a t-shirt with Beauty and the Beast when I met Gaston for the first time. When I walked up to him, he noticed right away and it made for laughs from the entire line. He used his gloves to cover up the Beast and then pulled me next to his hip quickly, to hide the Beast from the photo. So, if you want some extra attention, this is always a creative way to do so!

5.) Act Interested!

Simply standing by a character and asking for a picture won’t make for a very good character interaction. It takes participation from both sides to have a memorable and magical meet and greet. You want to smile, look excited, and have fun! Personally, I try not to go too crazy with my favorite characters and act over the top, because I have a calmer personality. However, this doesn’t mean I simply expect the characters to create magic for me. I hug them, talk to them as if they were a friend, and point out their costume details. These simple actions always lead to a fun time.

I’ve had only a handful of boring character interactions. One was when I was small and Pooh bumped me with his big bottom, and I fell to the ground. Another was more recent with a less than interested Princess Aurora. No matter how disappointing these might be, we have to remember that not every interaction isn’t going to be perfect. Another important tip is not to compare your interactions with the party before you or to those you see online. Enjoy your special time, and don’t put too much emphasis on making it perfect. Just go with the flow, and see what happens!

Do you enjoy meeting the characters? Let me know a memorable character interaction you’ve had as an adult meeting the characters! Tweet me @pixiedustedprin!

Get excited for the next Memory Monday! It will be all about my character audition that I attended when I was 16 years old!


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