Monday Memory-EPCOT Characters on Holiday

When I think of the standout park of my childhood, I think of EPCOT. Like most other children, I loved Magic Kingdom because of all the characters and classic attractions…however, something about EPCOT-especially World Showcase-never failed to intrigue me. I have always loved absorbing new information and learning about new places. World Showcase was the perfect place for my parents to bring my 5 year old self to introduce me to new people, new food, and new (to me) cultures. Practicing French words at the bakery and trying on silk scarves in the Morocco pavilion led me to want to travel and explore the world.

As much as I loved meeting young men and women from everywhere from Norway to Japan, I was still a little girl who LOVED to meet characters. Luckily, some of my favorite EPCOT memories include a special double decker bus that held all of your favorite characters. It often came out right in the middle of World Showcase for a short period of time. It was always a fun way to remain immersed in the Disney magic. The red double decker bus, held about 7-10 characters, often including the fab 5. The bus blasted upbeat music and it would cause families to pause, watch, or dance along. Then, the bus would stop, the characters would get out, and meet and greets would take place.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 4.57.56 PM.png
This photo is from April 2001! Very good quality for back then, right?!

During my first Spring school vacation trip when I was 5, I met Mickey (my first real memory of meeting him) and his pals, and when I was a bit older, I have a vivid meet and greet memory with Terk from Tarzan! Do you remember this vibrant bus on your past journeys through World Showcase? If so, what memories do you have with it? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me at @pixiedustedprin.



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