A love letter to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, On it’s 18th Birthday

Dear DAK,

Oh Animal Kingdom, we have an interesting relationship. I have to confess something to you: even though it’s been love/hate, it’s mostly love. I hate your ridiculously hot weather in the summer and I hate how you’re no longer home to Tarzan Rocks, Poca + Her Forest Friends, or Camp Minnie Mickey. I used to love you so much more because of those beautiful places and attractions. You’re the reason for my birthday memories, and for the time spent with my grandparents and cousin, not to mention the reason for my Limited Too shopping spree when I was 8 where I had to buy everything green to match the park. And who can forget the time my friend and I saw the Baha Men filming a music video at Kali River Rapids? I think what I’m trying to say is I miss the spark we had when we were both kids. I just adored being pushed around in your strollers-they were the best kind, with the animals on the top. I’ve always loved your dedication to the animals and this beautiful Earth. Kilimanjaro Safari and Dinosaur will always be some of my favorite attractions. And your hotel, AKL, will always be my home. From all the laughter at Nemo with my parents to the #nahtazu jokes, you’ve always been there to make me smile, despite the sweltering heat and loss of the best attractions. So Happy Birthday, DAK. You’re not so bad, but sometimes I miss the kid version of you, your teenage years and mine made us grow apart. You’re 18 now, so you’re an adult, and I hope your new entertainment and attractions sparkle for me just as they did in the past.

Love, The Pixie Dusted Princess

P.S. I know it has been a while, but I promise to pay you a visit real soon. 


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