Monday Memory-Unbirthdays

Pixie Dusted Warning: If you’re not a fan of slightly revealing magic, or insider secrets, please do not read this story. I do not want anyone to feel like I have spoiled anything about Disney magic, specifically pertaining to Entertainment. If you find behind the scenes stories fun and extra magical, then please read on! 🙂

I always get my long hair cut in Disney World every year, and when I tell my friends that they usually find it funny. I find it normal-I’ve become accustomed to Michael cutting my long locks and he does a fantastic job. This particular steamy August morning, I was seated in the Main Street Barber Shop getting my hair trimmed. Next to me was a young man-most likely in his late 20s-I noticed his large black shoes peeking out behind the apron they place on you. They reminded me of typical Cast Member shoes. My family and I were discussing my future plans for college and my Disney dreams when this young man chimed in unexpectedly.

From the start, I could tell he was “in” somehow with the barber shop CMs, because of his eagerness to jump into the discussion and make me feel comfortable. We discussed how he always gets a trim there, and the CMs in the barber shop confirmed that he’s a regular. There was a unique vibe from him that I was picking up and I couldn’t quite figure it out. He wanted to know more about me, but remained reserved with his answers. The CMs finally hinted that he creates a lot of magic daily, and after I told him my main goal would be entertainment, he perked up. The best part about our discussion was how realistic he was and actually helpful-he didn’t sugarcoat things or make everything perfect- but he was just a nice guy who seemed genuinely interested in my goals.

After a while of chatting, my hair was complete, and we paid and were about to leave. My apron had been covering my birthday button, and when the young man saw it, he wished me a very happy un-un-birthday in a very excited tone and winked at me. After remaining so calm during out discussion, I was shocked that he suddenly transformed into almost, a character, in a sense! My mom looked at me and smiled and we said our goodbyes as he kept a sly face on.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 6.08.04 PM
He recognized me here and I caught the surprise look on his face 😉

My parents suggested we see the next performance of Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It and we stood on the sidewalk of the Hub. We were dancing along and having a wonderful time, when all of a sudden the characters burst out of the present shaped floats. The Mad Hatter was directly in front of us and started literally, shaking it! He had so much spirit and vivid energy through his dancing. Suddenly, he looked down at me and my family and smiled the widest Mad Hatter grin I had ever seen. Except, it looked very familiar. I had seen that grin before…and before I knew it, the Mad Hatter winked, and made a special motion with his hands that confirmed my suspicions. He continued to focus on me for the rest of the party and even posed for a special picture with me. Instead of ruining the magic, the Mad Hatter created more of it than I had ever had before.

Fast forward to a year or so later, I saw the Mad Hatter in the Celebrate a Dream Come True parade and he did our special signal. He was so delighted to see me, as I was to see him! After many winks, air kisses, and waves, I felt so happy that he remembered me. I saw him a few more times in various parades, but I never did see his special friend from the barber shop again. Unfortunately, his friend has stopped playing and making mischief with that mad, mad Hatter, so I don’t see him around the parks too much! Every time I see the Hatter now though, I think back to my special memories with him. Disney magic doesn’t diminish as you grow older, in fact, I have had so many un-birthdays by now, that I sometimes feel even younger than before.

Pixie Dust Kisses,

The Pixie Dust Princess


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