Monday Memory-I was a Disney Parade Grand Marshal

Many people say it is every little girl’s dream to be a Disney Princess. When I was eight years old, I was able to live out that fantasy…
       It was our yearly spring break to Disney World, and I was so excited to get to the first park, which is always Magic Kingdom for my family! As I held my mother’s hand through the turnstiles, I was overcome with that feeling I still get every time I enter a Disney Park entrance- pure joy and peace . . . because I’m home. Even so, it was simply an ordinary Magic Kingdom park day, and my parents and I strolled onto Main Street U.S.A. I remember barely even getting a glimpse at my lovely Cinderella Castle, when all of a sudden a man in a plaid suit and fancy name tag approached us.
       Keep in mind I had a huge grin on my face already…it was about to become the widest, most goofy grin you’ve ever seen! 🙂 The CM began talking to my family about Disney, how often we visit, what my favorite things to do were, my favorite princess, and more Disney talk. It was absolutely shocking however, when all of a sudden he knelt down beside me and said, “Well, do you want to be a princess today? Would you and your parents like to be the Grand Marshals of our parade? I think you’re the perfect Disney family for it!” I remember getting teary eyed and nodding and saying “Yes, thank you, thank you, thank you” over and over again. My parents’ faces lit up with excitement, too. Who wouldn’t want the amazing chance to be the Grand Marshals of the Parade?
       This year, it was the “Share A Dream Come True” Parade, which I absolutely adored and still miss to this day! My mind began racing,  even though the CM was still talking, telling us all the special details my day would be filled with. My heart was racing too, and my grin was expanding by the second.  He went on to say we’d be getting a special surprise later on, to enjoy a few hours in the park, and to meet him by the entrance of the parade-to the left of Splash Mountain.
       Well, those few hours happened to be the most wonderful blur and soon enough, we were at the designated meeting spot. Once we arrived, the CM pulled out of a Disney bag three pairs of Mickey Ears, each engraved in gold lettering with our names. It was such a magical present, and I still have them in my room to this day! We were instructed to wear them while riding in the parade. All of a sudden, a blue, old fashioned car appeared before my eyes, and the CM announced “This is what you’ll be riding in today, Walt’s old car he used to ride around the Magic Kingdom in with his wife, Lilian!” I was in shock- my idol’s front of all these people. This was seriously a dream come true.
       As we hopped in, we saw the parade floats in the backstage area all lined up and ready to go. A nice man was to walk alongside us and he called me Princess the entire way. He was hilarious and showed me how to do the signature Princess wave, and I, of course, mimicked him! My parents were just as excited as I was-everyone is a kid at heart, especially at Disney! All of a sudden, our personal driver took off down the parade route, and before I knew it the music was pumping and I got the biggest adrenaline rush of my life! We led the parade itself, and rode down the route waving, with permanent smiles that lasted the entire trip! They announced our last name, where we were from, and I felt like true Disney royalty!
       It seemed like it lasted forever, and even still, I didn’t want this once in a lifetime opportunity to end! People waved and smiled at us, and I truly felt like a little Princess! I danced along in my seat to the catchy soundtrack and waved so much, my arm felt like it was going to fall off.  As we rode to the Car Barn (where we were unloaded from Walt’s car), we got plenty of pictures and were able to thank the wonderful CMs who made the entire experience possible.
       The rest of the day I was beaming, and I told everyone how we were in the parade that day! Later on, we actually bumped into some neighbors from home and they said they heard our town announced and we couldn’t believe it-only in DISNEY would this happen! It really is “a small world.” This was an experience that was priceless, and it all came with the reasonable admission to the park (remember this was quite a few years back ;)) , and lots of pixie dust!
       Ever since that experience each time we see that CM, we retell him the story of the day he made US the Grand Marshals, he remembers and we make sure to tell him how he changed our lives that day! We haven’t seen him for quite a few years now, but we always keep an eye out for that absolutely magical CM! Disney can do so much for you, and I am so blessed that it is such a signifiant part of my life. And of course, Disney teaches you that you must always dream bigger. Now that I’ve had my dream of being a little princess Grand Marshal in the parade come true . . . I am certainly looking for more opportunities to be a part of the parade cast one day. Because of the magic that occurred that day, I have absolutely no question that this dream is possible too.
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Thank you so much for reading my story! I would love to hear a special Disney moment you’ve had, too! Tweet me at @pixiedustprin or leave a comment below!

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