Happy Birthday, Uncle Walt

Did you know it’s someone very specials birthday today? If you’ve ever walked down Main Street U.S.A or found yourself enjoying a Mickey bar, you might want to wish this person a very happy birthday…

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 10.54.13 AM.png

Walter Elias Disney: a man who touched the hearts and imaginations of his generation, ours, and many to come. He did not start out with many successes but an abundance of them came with only the best work ethic. With one mouse in mind he created an empire, filled with many kingdoms, that has brought joy and laughter to us during the hardest times our world has faced and the best times we’ve shared. Every day, I along with many others, try spread some of the positivity and kindness he has given to us, because we know how nice it feels. If you’re a “Disney kid,” a “Dis-nerd,” or the like, you should consider yourself very lucky. We have experienced the deepest form of happiness and we live lives filled with pixie dust and fairytales. Today is a day we remember the man who made many of our hopes and dreams possible.

In 2016, I will be applying for my first chance to work for his company and I couldn’t be more honored to do so. Thank you, Uncle Walt, for giving me the inspiration to be determined and to never stop moving forward.

*Pixie Dust Kisses*


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