Dis-ember Fun

Hi pixie dusted people!

It’s been way too long! School, jobs, and the real world has taken up way too much of my time, but it’s my early resolution to write more blog posts for you all. So let’s hop right to it!

As a Disney Nerd, “Dis-ember” is what I like to call the month of December! Since I can remember, I’ve loved combining my two favorite things: Disney and Christmas.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 4.27.04 PM.png

So this means during December I love wearing cute “ugly” sweaters with Mickey’s face on them, wearing extra sparkles, and decorating my mini Christmas tree with purely Disney ornaments. It adds a little extra happiness to the most magical time of the year for me.

December is all about cozying up in bed with hot chocolate for me, so making sure I have comfy and cute PJs and socks-preferably with Disney characters adorning them-is necessary (along with a festive mug, of course!).

How do you incorporate your love for Disney into the holiday season? Let me know in the comments or tweet me. Also, be sure to follow me on Instagram to see how I decorate my house and dorm this time of year!

*Pixie Dust Kisses*




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