How Do You Know It’s “Distinctly Disney?”

What pops into your head when you think of Disney? Maybe spending time in the the parks, watching the movies with your loved ones, or possibly even pondering the legacy behind one of the world’s most beloved creators.

I think of the little Disney details, personally. The little things that you find in the parks and resorts that continue to amaze you, even after countless trips to Disney Parks. The little bits of wonderment and imagination that keep you wanting more…the pieces of Disney that beg you to book another trip to a world created of pure fantasy!

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 3.52.05 PM

Here at Distinctly Disney, we’ll discuss our favorite memories. Those special moments that have had a lasting impression on us…maybe even years later.

As a Disney fan, you just know those things that are “distinctly” Disney-getting a Mickey Bar as soon as you enter the Magic Kingdom, the extra pixie dust cast members put into your vacation, or maybe even seeing a Mickey shaped balloon floating through the sky.

It’s the little things, those little unequivocally Disney things that put joy in our hearts and let our minds be touched with magic that we love so much! Let’s celebrate them!

“Distinctly Disney” is here so you can remember why it is you love the magic so much-because it lives in us and allows us to touch others with it. “Distinctly Disney” is a way of life, a pixie dusted way of living.


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