EPCOT Festival of the Arts: 5 Things I’m Excited About

Hi friends!

Chances are looking pretty great that I’m going to be able to attend the newest festival addition at EPCOT select weekends this January and February! The brand NEW Festival of the Arts is bringing theatre, art, food, and more to the park. I am a huge proponent of the arts and always have participated in theatre, dance, and art classes growing up. Now that there is an entire festival dedicated to it, I can hardly contain my excitement! Here are 5 things I’ve seen the festival offers that I’m excited about!


1.) Figment

He has always been one of my favorites, and I’m excited to see that he is pretty much the mascot of the festival this year. I’m anticipating seeing the topiary and getting a picture in front of it! Journey into Imagination is so much fun with the little purple dragon, but the addition of the scavenger hunt sounds like even more fun! I won’t spoil the prize for finishing, but I hope I’m able to get one!

2.) Live musical performances

A secret musical theatre nerd at heart, I am very happy about the live performances being offered at the Festival of the Arts. Ashley Brown, who originated the role of Mary Poppins on Broadway recently sang, and there are so many more talented artists that are gearing up to take the stage. I’ll be singing and dancing along in my seat!

3.) Dessert

Due to allergies I won’t be able to enjoy all of the tasty dessert offerings, but I’m still hoping to enjoy the giant chocolate cookie shaped like a paint palette and purchase one of the easels with either Mickey and Pluto or Figment “painted” on them! Playing with your food doesn’t have to stop when you’re older, and I love how Disney is encouraging creativity with their food options at this festival.

4.) Learning

What makes EPCOT one of my favorite parks is the fact that new knowledge truly is around every corner. There will be offerings of different art classes each weekend and I hope to participate in one! It’s not too often I get to explore my creativity in a new way, and I’d love to learn from the masters.

5.) Taking in the sights, sounds, and smells

Finally, I’m excited to just soak the festival in. Smells of the drinking chocolate (another must-do) will be wafting in the air, excited children and adults will be completing their scavenger hunts, and people will be embracing their artistic sides. With festivals, I just love to take in all of the ambiance. Since this festival is new I want to try everything, but at the same time I also want to remember to relax and take it all in!


Have you been to the inaugural weekend of the Festival of the Arts? If so what did you love? If you haven’t been yet, what seems to spark your imagination? Leave a comment below or tweet me @pixiedustedprin!

*The Pixie Dusted Princess*

It’s the Time of Your Life! Happy New Year

Happy New Year friends and pixie dusted people!

IMG_6265.PNGTo start 2017 off, you have to think that this is the year of YOU!

“In everything you do, celebrate youuuu!”

This is the year to make your dreams come true.

This is the year to give back and make others smile.

This is the year to discover your strengths and your desires.

This is the year to be yourself, unapologetically and beautifully.


Looking back on 2016, there were so many amazing adventures, but there are SO many more to come!

This is the year I go on a new adventure to make my dreams come true!

I can’t wait for all the fun to be had, I hope you’ll join me!

The Pixie Dusted Princess

Blogmas Days 21-25! A Very Disney Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you pixie dusted people (a day late)!

For the days leading up to Christmas, I was battling a nasty cold. However, it really wasn’t that bad. I was in bed, cozy with plenty of blankets, and watching Elf on repeat. “I just like to smile! Smiling’s my favorite!” That movie never gets old.

On Christmas Eve, my family hung our stockings by the chimney with care. Of course, we’ve had our favorite Disney stocking out for a while, and it always makes me so happy to see. I don’t want to take it down until January! Then we went to sleep and we were ready for the jolly man in the red suit to come! Most exciting night of the year, if you ask me! 😉


On Christmas morning, I was greeted by a sparkling display of presents under the tree and stockings filled to the brim with goodies.  Santa truly always treats me and my family well! Even though I asked for nothing specific this year, he always knows just what to get.

I received a lot of Disney items, of course. I also was gifted a lot of warmer weather clothes that I can wear to Disney World, which I always need more of. I got some cute bedroom decorations and books and makeup-all the things I enjoy!

I felt truly blessed as I celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ this year, as we do every year. I spent the day celebrating with my family and friends. Christmas truly has a way of warming my heart. There’s nothing better than spending time with people I love.

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A very merry Christmas Eve to you! 🎄💖

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So many changes are happening very shortly in my life, and I’m happy to be curled up by the Christmas tree relaxing before the New Year that is sure to bring many adventures, new friends, and plenty of pixie dust.

I hope you all have had a peaceful Christmas and holiday season.

The Pixie Dusted Princess

Blogmas Days 8-19! Sickness & School!

Hello pixie dusted people,

I knew Blogmas was going too well! My plan to blog every day was foiled with the stomach flu and finals! But alas, I’m back, writing by the glow of my Christmas tree, and trying to soak in the last week before the big day.


I hope everyone has stayed healthy and that you’ve all been having fun Christmas seasons. Finals for my fellow students should be over now and everyone should be heading home or somewhere fun to celebrate the holiday season.


Now that my illness is on its way out and my exams our done, I am going to try my best to cram in a bunch of Christmas fun in these days leading up to Sunday! Today, I’m buying last minute presents for my family and decorating around the house. It’s a nice, relaxed way to get into the spirit after being out for so long! 🙂


Tell me in the comments how you’re celebrating this December!

The Pixie Dusted Princess

Blogmas Day 7! Hairspray Live!

Today I was consumed with homework and adulting.

Tonight I am currently consumed by Hairspray Live!


I am absolutely obsessed so far. Hairspray has always been one of my favorite musicals to see live and in movie version. This was such a good choice by NBC! I love Derek Hough, Ariana Grande, K-Chenoweth, Martin Short, and can I just say that Emphraim Sykes is absolutely killing it.

If you’re watching/watched, tell me what you think!


Stay hip,

The Pixie Dusted Princess

Blogmas Day 6! Tiana Tuesday

Tiana Tuesday just has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?!

Today wasn’t my favorite day (except for one exciting thing that did happen). And that’s okay! We all have those days we would do best if we didn’t repeat. I’m looking forward to a great big beautiful tomorrow.

For the next time you have one of those days, here is some advice I learned from Tiana….


We start as dreamers, wishing upon stars, believing anything is possible.


We soon realize some people will try to knock you down, especially when it comes to you finding success and happiness.


Sometimes, we have a long, exhausting day. It’s okay to hit snooze every once in a while.


The important thing to remember is it’s always possible to start off fresh the next day.


Most importantly, we can’t lose our childhood dreams. Wishing upon a star will never get old. Do as dreamers do.


We can never forget the little princess deep down inside of us that’s telling us to keep wishing until that dream comes true.

I hope you’ll wish upon a star tonight,

The Pixie Dusted Princess

Blogmas Day 5! Happy Birthday Uncle Walt

Dear Walt Disney,

Happy Birthday Uncle Walt. You’re 115 here today, but in heaven I’m sure you don’t look a day older than 25. I’m sure you’re still animating up there and still pulling some strings in your Kingdoms from high above us.

I hope you’re meeting all of my loved ones up there-I have a feeling you are, because some pretty amazing things have happened lately. I feel so blessed and like you’re all working together up there to help me accomplish some pretty amazing things.


Without you, my childhood would be a lot less magical.

Without you, my aspirations and dreams would be very different.

Without you, I wouldn’t be as excited for my future as I am right now.

So, although a simple thank you will never do, that’s all I can say right now.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, Walt Disney, for creating a world of magic and imagination. Thank you for teaching my the importance of wishing upon a star. Thank you for teaching me patience, kindness, and hard work. With those key lessons I’ve followed from you, my dreams are finally coming true.

“Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever.” -Walt Disney

I can’t wait to make you proud,

The Pixie Dusted Princess



Blogmas Day 4! Night at the Ballet

I went to my local theatre’s performance of the Nutcracker tonight. It was B-E-A-UTIFUL.

This holiday ballet is a tradition that never, ever gets old.

I painted my nails all sparkly for the occasion and I dressed up all fancy. 🙂
I just love those kinds of occasions.

Honestly, tonight was magical. The very ending of the show had a picture of a castle, which I pointed out to my family. Then we all agreed that it looked just like Cinderella Castle. I got super emotional with how my life journey is going right now.


It was nice to be surrounded by family sharing one of our most cherished traditions together, because I don’t know if I’ll be in the same place next year at this time. I’m soaking up every moment with my family, every moment doing my favorite things in one of my favorite places, and trying my best to live in the moment. It is exhilarating and nerve-wracking at the same time to go through this holiday season while not knowing how just how my life is about to change in the New Year.

Seeing the Nutcracker this evening grounded me. I was encapsulated yet again by the story I’ve come to know and love. The sparkling tutus, the gorgeous scenery of dew drops and sugar plums, the laughter from the audience when the life-size animals waved their paws…. I felt like a child again. And this was the perfect time for me to feel so.


Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

May sugar plum fairies dance in your head…

The Pixie Dusted Princess

Blogmas Day 3! I won a giveaway?!

Today I woke up and I was alerted to the fact that I WON AN INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY!


I am SO excited and happy. I enter giveaways only occasionally, but this is the first one I’ve ever won. I love this Instagram, and you should definitely check them out. They recently opened their Etsy shop and they’ll have lots of cool things up, just like the Dole Whip Cap.


I’ll be receiving my hat soon and I can’t wait to wear it to Disney next year! I’ll totally be stopping by Aloha Aisle in it, then riding the Jungle Cruise, Pirates, my typical Adventureland plant of action. I’ll just be looking a little more fashionable this time. 😉  If they lovely owners of the shop see this. THANK YOU GUYS! I really am thankful. ❤

I was hoping to write some more, but I’ve got finals prep to start on! Check back tomorrow for more Blogmas fun!

The Pixie Dusted Princess